Deolane leaves the task to Pia if he is eliminated

Deolane leaves the task to Pia if he is eliminated

One of the 5th Roca members of the seasonDeolane Bezerra left a job for Bia Miranda in the event she is eliminated today from thefarm 2022″ (Record TV). Audience permanence disputed with Thomaz Costa and Shayan Haghbin.

“If you go out, she’ll take care of things,” the lawyer told Gretchen’s granddaughter as she packed her bags.

“I’m older than her,” Petala said.

But it’s bad-mouthed, Dylan joked. “So much more than you.”

“And what would my turn be?” asked Strawberry Shortcake.

Moments ago, she also asked Petal to stay strong if the result was her elimination tonight.

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