Dengue mosquito larvae were found in Serra

Dengue mosquito larvae were found in Serra

Sanitary and epidemiological surveillance personnel from the municipality of Anita Garibaldi in Serra Santa Catarina found larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmits dengue fever in the city. The presence of larvae was confirmed after laboratory tests conducted on Tuesday (2).

The larvae were found in the central area of ​​the city during monitoring work. The municipal health minister, Rodrigo Gerke, confirmed that this is the first time that positive larvae of dengue-carrying mosquitoes have been found in the municipality.

“We need to step up our supervision and double down on our care at home,” Gehrke said. The Ministry of Health reported that it has been warning people about dengue precautions since October.

“We ask for the understanding of the residents, so that they allow our agents to conduct property inspections, at this first moment, in the city center,” Gehrke said. “We need to combat these larvae. Dengue kills!” Rodrigo added.

Aedes aegypti lays its eggs in containers such as empty cans and bottles, tires, gutters, uncovered water tanks, dishes under potted plants or anything else that can store rainwater. Mosquitoes can also seek out natural breeding sites, such as bromeliads, bamboo, and holes in trees.

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