deja vu? The web sees the first version of Minha Mãe Cozinha Melhor que a Sua · TV News

deja vu?  The web sees the first version of Minha Mãe Cozinha Melhor que a Sua · TV News

My mom cooks better than you Premiered this Sunday (29) on Globo and share opinions online. While Paola Carosella’s presence was praised, Leandro Hassum’s performance was heavily criticized. The program’s format upset some netizens, who saw the program as a combination of other attractions of the same kind.

Among the tweets, they mentioned Minha Mulher Que Manda, an attraction on Programa da Eliana, on SBT; o Duelo de Mães, presented by Ticiana Villas Boas between 2016 and 2017 on Radio Silvio Santos, then on Band, between 2021 and 2022. On Globo, É de Casa, then presented by Patricia Poeta, had a picture of the same name in 2019. Some netizens also mentioned Cozinhe Se Puder, also from SBT.

However, the show received rave reviews. Participants, especially singer Momozinho and his mother, Maddalena, were well received. The judges too. Many comments praised the presence of Paola Carosella at her Globo debut, In a “lighter” format from Masterchef Brazilby Band, where it was presented between 2014 and 2021. Chef Joao Diamante It is also approved.

The casting of Leandro Hassom for the show was the most controversial. Part praised the comments and the way he conducted the show, but most of them were highly critical of the comedian. Some even raised options to replace him, like Angélica.

See some comments:

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