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The UK and Ireland want to host Euro 2028 instead of the 2030 World Cup

Image source: Frank Augustin/Reuters
Five football associations gathered to apply for headquarters

From Reuters

The federations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland announced in a joint statement, on Monday, that the United Kingdom and Ireland announced plans to host Euro 2028.

The five confederations have abandoned plans to compete for the 2030 World Cup and will focus on the European Championship.

“Hosting the Euro offers a similar return on investment, with the European Championship having a much lower cost of delivery and the potential for benefits soon to be realized,” they said in a statement. “We believe the UK and the Republic of Ireland can offer something special to European and European football in 2028 – a unique and interconnected five-way collaboration that delivers a great experience for teams and fans alike.”

Euro 2020 was held in several host cities across Europe. The 2024 edition will be held in Germany.

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