Deborah Falabella speaks for the first time about the stalker who has been following her for 10 years: “Pepe Reina”

Deborah Falabella speaks for the first time about the stalker who has been following her for 10 years: “Pepe Reina”

Actress Deborah Falabella has spoken out for the first time about her stalker who has been stalking her for a decade. In an interview with O Globo newspaper, the actress opened up and commented on the recent cancellation of the woman's arrest.

a lurkingor persecutor (in Portuguese), so that he failed to comply with a Preventive measure. However, she was declared unaccountable, and since she was the main accused, she was allowed to answer the case outside prison.

“It's something I avoid talking about. Because there's my story and her story, which definitely has problems. They make sure it's done in the best way possible, for me and for her. Our opinion “Baby reindeer”. I've never contacted her, I don't know her. “It's this fan relationship,” Deborah commented.

“Bad. There is persecution behind me because of the work I do that this person is coming to me for. She has her life. She has a family that she can take care of and is able to treat. I hope so.” an actress.

“I'm afraid, because you never know the other person, you never know what's going to happen. It reaches a lot of people, my essence familiar. it's boring. “I'm nagging about everything, because I want her to be okay too.”

10 years of persecution

According to the g1 portal, the story of persecution began in the city of Rio de Janeiro, when the 40-year-old woman entered the same elevator in which she was riding. Deborah Falabella In 2013. She asked for a photo and, in the following days, sent several gifts to the actress's dressing room, including a letter with intimate and invasive content.

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In 2015, in a play in Cesc Copacabana, Al lurking He tried to force his way into Deborah Falabella's dressing room, but was forcefully removed by security guards. In 2018, the woman appeared in the front row of a play Deborah was performing in Medina Sao Paulo.

In 2022, the woman created a social media group with Deborah and her sister and began sending several messages, some with sexual content and talking about “telepathic madness.” (see below). In the same year, lurkingwho lives in Recife B)She appeared at the door of the actress's apartment in the capital, Sao Paulo.

Preventive measure

These were just a few episodes where lurking I tried to contact the actress. In 2023, Deborah obtained a protective measure preventing the woman from contacting her for this Social mediaOr other media, and frequents the same places where the actress is present.

However, in September 2023, the suspect violated the safeguard by contacting Deborah either through Instagram And via WhatsApp. Check out the messages below.

Deborah's defense requested the woman's pretrial detention and she was arrested in February 2024. But the suspect asked to cancel the arrest and claimed Mental illness (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), and his arrest was cancelled.

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