Day Cruz, the digital influencer who suffered from a rare genetic disease, dies at the age of 31 | Bahia

Day Cruz, the digital influencer who suffered from a rare genetic disease, dies at the age of 31 |  Bahia

Bahian digital influencer Day Cruz dies at the age of 31 – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Digital influencer Bahian Day Cruz, 31, has died after a battle with epidermolysis bullosa, a hereditary skin disease. This information was confirmed on Saturday (24), by her team, via social media. Day lived in Jequié, in the southwest of the state.

Day Cruz had over two million followers on social media and shared his skin care routine with his followers. In her posts, she talked about how others view injuries, in addition to daily difficulties, such as drying the skin with a thick towel.

“One of the hardest and saddest days has arrived 😢 in our garden, one of those days when a movie plays in our heads. The day when our voices get stuck in our throats, and endless tears 😢 stream down our faces. Even in tears 😢 we are sure Heaven is celebrating 🥳, and let me tell you what it was like getting to heaven.”

Due to lesions caused by epidermolysis bullosa, the digital influencer has never gone to school, even though the disease is not contagious. This disease is hereditary, rare, and has no cure. Day has also been battling cancer since 2022.

“It has been 31 years of suffering for EB [epidermólise bolhosa] “It was forced upon her, but with all the suffering she was able to leave a beautiful legacy with courage, teaching many the true meaning of life, love, strength and especially faith,” Day Cruz’s team wrote.

“We take it day by day, when I see that I am tired or bothered by injuries, I stop and breathe. Then, when I feel good, I start to come back little by little, because the motivation is very good,” the influencer said in an interview with Bahia TV in 2022.

Day Cruz, a digital influencer from Bahia who suffered from epidermolysis bullosa, has died at the age of 31 – Image: Reproduction / Social Networks

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