David Moyes proposes a new format in the Premier League with Rangers and Celtic

David Moyes proposes a new format in the Premier League with Rangers and Celtic

After the European League failed, West Ham coach David Moyes proposed changes to the Premier League. The English Premier League fifth-place captain, who is a Scot, wants Rangers and Celtic to join.

“Change is needed in a way,” Moyes told the BBC. “I think the Premier League has a great product, but in the best clubs, we talk about a lot of games. We can have the first Premier League and the second Premier League,” he suggested.

“Why can’t we invite Rangers and Celtic to the second Premier League and unify the UK? Why should we be England and Scotland, and not come together? The Scottish League also enters the second Premier League, in fact, I think more money will be poured in if Rangers manage And Celtic from the entry. “

The coach believes the reform could be a solution to the tight schedule of matches many teams have to face during the season.

“We can try something new. Take at least a few teams, maybe two, and put them in the second Premier League, and we win a few weeks. The big clubs have a big schedule, I can only see that with new schedules they will have a lot of matches. It will be difficult.” They have to play a lot of games. “

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