Davey's ex-girlfriend celebrates Sao Joao da Thai with former BBBs: 'A great crowd'

Davey's ex-girlfriend celebrates Sao Joao da Thai with former BBBs: 'A great crowd'

Davi Brito's ex-girlfriend, Manny Rigo, used her time in Maranhão to meet former participants of the program. BP24. They were all invited by influencer Thaynara OG to “Saint John Ty“. Businessman Take pictures with Beatriz Reis and Mateus Amaralthat it Enjoyed the boat trip With them, Lucas Pizan, Giovanna Lima, Marcos Vinicius and Raccolo Cardoso.

Along with former BBBs and influencers, Manny A trends From the song “To Bem” by Jovem Dionisio. “Yes, we are more beautiful because we are in heaven in Lençóis Maranhenses,” commented Thaynara.

Manny then commented: “Very nice haha ​​great guys.”

Opinions were divided on social media. “Does Manny represent Devi? Why wouldn't it make sense for her to appear in a video where there are only ex-BBB people?” said one person. “Manni, you are definitely a BBB 24 champion,” said another. Watch here.

Please note that Davey is already on his way to the event And you can meet your ex-girlfriend two months after the breakup.

Also in São João da Thay is Camila Moura, Lucas Buda's ex-wife. “Guys, I can't believe it. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be experiencing this,” said the teacher, who could. Join the cast of A Fazenda 16.

break up

After leaving the show, Duffy, who had expressed his desire to marry Manny during his time on BBB 24, expressed his desire to marry Manny. They claimed they were still getting to know each other when Ana María Braga asked about the relationship During “Mais Você”.

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After two days of remaining silent, Manny spoke up and stopped pursuing him and did not want to meet him again. The entrepreneur said that she learned about the “change in the status” of her relationship through interviews and that they are still “getting to know each other,” referring to the interview with “Mais Você.”

“And like magic, it became like a product where the person chooses which shelf it should be on,” she adds.

Immediately after that, Duffy confirmed the breakup with Manny To participate in the Altas Horas program, on TV Globo, which was broadcast on April 27.

“I wanted everyone, everyone, my family, to respect me a little bit because I needed a moment to think about what was going on. But in general, they didn’t respect me much, they bombarded me with information. I lay in bed and was in shock.”

At another point, the BBB 24 champion says Manny “didn’t know how to respect” his moment and confirmed the breakup. He added: “Even my ex-girlfriend broke up with me, and she did not know how to respect my moment and what I went through.”

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