Datina recently joined the PSL, and signals to the party leadership that it’s his turn

The legend that included then-Federal Representative Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 elections dreams of launching ‘TV Bandeirantes’ presenter as a presidential candidate in 2022

Reproduction / Instagram / datenareal / 06.08.2021In recent days, the PSL commissioned an electoral survey to measure the strength of the journalist and presenter with voters

After rehearsing his candidacy in three other elections, the journalist and the presenter Jose Luis Datina said the top of the PSL, the party he joined at the end of June, and which this time won’t back down. The main plan of the party, which housed then-federal MP Jair Bolsonaro in the 2018 elections, is to promote him to the presidency, but the races to Senate Or the state government of São Paulo is not neglected. “Datina was very confident. Albivar [presidente nacional do PSL] You have passed it on to us. He said he feels “it’s my turn”, and he wants to be a candidate for Planalto” pan youth Federal Deputy Junior Bosella (PSL-SP), Vice President of Shortcut. Even before the dedication of the Datena affiliation, the PSL requested a survey to measure the strength of a hostname. Bandeirantes TV with voters. In the internal survey, it was just below the two numbers, a performance that is well respected by managers. In recent days, a new survey has been conducted. The result will be ready later this week.

Although he said in his daily program that he is a former candidate for the presidency, Datina has already, on other occasions, expressed his preference for entering the political world through the legislature. Precisely for this reason, running for Senate next year is not ruled out. In the October 2022 elections, voters go to the polls to select the 27 senators. Opinion polls will support Datina’s decision: If the run for Palazzo Planalto does not take off by January, the way to Congress will be cleared. In 2016, affiliated with Progressistas (PP), the journalist was cited to run for the São Paulo City Council elections. Two years later, he was fired to run for the Senate by the DEM, but his pre-candidacy only lasted 11 days. Last year, after she joined MDB, the possibility of serving as Vice Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB) or running for mayor of São Paulo was considered.

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