Datena reveals Faustão was invited to be a judge on Dance of the Famous

Datena reveals Faustão was invited to be a judge on Dance of the Famous

Jose Luis Datina commented on an audio clip sent by Fausto Silva during a conversation with Katia Fonseca on “Melhor da Tarde”. The announcer revealed an invitation to be a judge on “Dança dos Celosos”.

at 71 years old, Today, Fausto Silva was admitted to the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. According to Globo, Faustão had a urinary tract infection.

“It’s great, but I doubt Globo will allow it,” Datina joked before the start of “Brasil Urgente,” listening to the message live. He also commented on his friend’s support after finding out about it Jose Luis Datina Jr. has been hospitalized due to the coronavirus فيروس.

The band’s presenter added in the sequence, “He can’t speak directly because of the contract. But it’s nothing serious, he has a urinary tract infection and within a day or two he’s back.”

Datina also confirmed that Faustão wants the reunion to remember the times they worked as sports reporters. “We always helped each other out and got help from the audio technologists, who were always great.”

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Thiago Levert has been selected to replace Fausto Silva next Sunday (13). Presenter “BBBPost meme by Faustão after the announcement.

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