Daoud comments on the government’s difficulty in balancing

Daoud comments on the government's difficulty in balancing

In addition to announcing the minimum wage, the annual budget bill for 2022, which the government presented this Tuesday, 31, projects 2.51% economic growth in 2022 and an estimated 3.5% inflation.

The channel’s rural commentator Miguel Dowd explains that the budget consists of mandatory expenditures representing 94% of the union budget, and discretionary expenditures that the government can use. This budget does not include Brazilian aid, which will be given to 47 million families.

Given this budget, indicate the foundations you are preparing. Inflation is expected to be 6.2%, but this year it is likely to approach 10%. It also puts pressure on mandatory and other inflation-related expenses, and in doing so reduces discretionary expenditures, while taking the margin for government” explains Daoud.

According to the commentator, the expected 2.51% growth for the economy will not happen. “We have budget indicators that do not correspond to expectations for 2022. The government hopes that the precat√≥rio will be negotiated moving forward. We have a salary, if inflation is 10%, it must also be adjusted.”

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