Danilo claims Argentines “know the rules” and asks FIFA to act with justice

Danilo claims Argentines "know the rules" and asks FIFA to act with justice

Right-back Danilo was the Brazil national team player chosen to speak on Tuesday for the match against Peru, scheduled for Thursday, in South America’s 2022 World Cup qualifiers, this holiday. But the Recife duel was in the background and he ended up answering more about the controversy over Suspension of the match with ArgentinaSunday, in Sao Paulo. And he didn’t dodge. He ensured that competitors were aware of the health rules and should have taken a different position and Demanding justice in the FIFA decision. At the same time, the team is asked to “turn the page” and forget what happened.

The Argentines defended themselves, saying they had not been notified of the impossibility of Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia, Giovanni Lo Celso and Cristian Romero entering Brazil, and not being cast. The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) accuses them of falsifying documents upon arrival in the country and “escaping” in training and concentration.

“Everyone knows that the four Argentina players play in England. Everyone knows the UK rules for getting to Brazil. It was no secret to anyone,” said the full-back.

On the possibility of the match ending in WO, the full-back says his opinion is indifferent, but calls for FIFA justice. “All responsible bodies have the pointers and evidence so that the best decision can be made. You have to comply with the rule and the law, everything written on paper must be complied with, and justice will be served.”

Following the same line as rival goalkeeper Romero, one of those who could not be on the pitch, who spoke of his team’s preference for winning, Danilo also underlined Brazil’s strong desire to win the derby. “We were very prepared, very focused on playing. But we had no interference, no choice of being able to move. We have to focus on what we have, which is training and matches,” he reflects. “We had no feeling that the match was not going to happen. We always had the conviction in our mind that the match would happen.”

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And the player hopes to leave it to the authorities, for the sake of the Brazilian national team that does not allow anything to interfere with his work, until then he masters the playoffs, only with victories. “Preparing for the match against Argentina is special, everyone prepares psychologically differently. We had a greater motivation to play, but these are extraordinary situations that should turn the page and think of Peru.”

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