Danielle Wentz praises Andre Gonsalves and criticizes her son’s father

Danielle Wentz praises Andre Gonsalves and criticizes her son’s father
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Danielle Wentz praises Andre Gonsalves and criticizes her son’s father

Actress Danielle Wentz made an emotional statement on Friday (20), paying tribute to actor and “A Fazenda 15” pawn Andre Gonsalves. In the post, the artist spoke about the change that occurred in her single motherhood after she began a relationship with the veteran. The script also criticizes actor Jonatas Farrow, the father of 12-year-old Guy, as a result of his relationship with Wentz.

“This record was supposed to be from yesterday. ‘tbt’ like this to remind the heart to smile. It was just to say that this guy loves you too, but he still wants you to walk and fight with the yellow hat that is ‘him.’ and for you. For years… and he understands that today you are a little far from here. I don’t usually talk about the love between these two here…” he began.

In the statement, the actress claims that she has been Jay’s single mother since the first time she saw him. The statement indicates that Jonatas Farrow, the father of the heir, is not fulfilling his parental obligations.

“I’ve been Jay’s single parent since the first time I saw him. And that’s what I made sure to share here. This discovery has been liberating. I gave myself a compass as a gift and it was pointing at me with the arrow. There was something healing in your sharing.”
What still needs to be shared, maybe I was waiting for that day… You were watching it from the beginning… There was a gift from a chick, a kite, an adopted dog, a parrot, and an Atari out of nowhere haha, a shower in the rain too, but always with… The presence of the sun in the background. His famous English lessons without uttering a single word…”

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“Even from afar, sometimes in theater and film work during my journey, it was you who was there for me since he was five years old. I didn’t know that with him I changed too… If one day I was alone, today I am fertile alone. Our son “I leave the word stepson aside. You have already said our brave journey… I did not expect this journey. But I knew that one day I would find it. We love you, Andrei,” he concluded, saying, “Hero of our enlightened path.”

From 2010 to 2011, Danielle Wentz was married to actor Jonatas Farrow. The relationship resulted in Jay in 2011. In 2016, the actress began a relationship with actor Andre Gonsalves.

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