Dan Stulbach enters the Pantanal and the web reacts to memes about soap operas

Dan Stulbach enters the Pantanal and the web reacts to memes about soap operas


Dan Stolbach joined the cast of Pantanal on Thursday (04) as Ibrahim, an unscrupulous politician.

Mistakes Tom Hanks for Dan Stolbach (and vice versa)
© Reproduction / Twitter @tomhanks / GloboMistakes Tom Hanks for Dan Stolbach (and vice versa)

Dan Stulbach joins the cast of ‘Pantanal’ This Thursday (04) has already arrived generating memes and reactions on social networks. Because of the actor, Tom Hanks’ name hit trending topics on Twitter during today’s class broadcast.

This is because Stulbach is often referred to as the “dual” of the American actor, because when he was just starting out on television – he was best known for playing Marcus, the jealous husband who hits his wife with a bat In “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, a plot by Manuel Carlos in 2003.

“The Pantanal Tom Hanks has arrived,” said one netizen. Another joked, “Brazilian Tom Hanks arrives in the Pantanal to play horror.” A third commented, “Attention! Tom Hanks has arrived in the Pantanal,” One-click sharing of Dan’s first scenes in the serieswhere he plays Ibrahim, a charming, useless, but also unscrupulous Federal Deputy, who decides to go to the Pantanal when he learns that his daughter Erica (Marcela Vitter) is pregnant with Jose Lucas (Erandir Santos).

Excited to participate in the series

In an interview Globo sent to the press, Dan Stolbach spoke about his entry into the series and being invited to be part of the cast. “It was great to receive that invitation. First, because the series was such a hit, it had such a huge reach. Also because of what he says, and because of the way he wrote it, it’s so human, so true and beautiful. Because of the character that raises questions and challenges.”

Talk about his colleagues: “I re-meet with people I admire and love, such as Marcos Palmira, with whom I participated in ‘Esperança’; with Bel Teixeira, with whom I participated in theater seasons; Dera Paes, with whom I was also in the theater; with Loreto, who was my son. And meeting people I didn’t know personally but really admire, like Erander, who I have many scenes for. So, you want to be a part of this, of something that’s happening, which is very strong, powerful and technically interesting. We move through challenges, projects, ideas from like that.”

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