Daffy, Matthews, Alan, Beatrice and Isabelle jump naked into the BBB 24 pool; Videos

Daffy, Matthews, Alan, Beatrice and Isabelle jump naked into the BBB 24 pool;  Videos

Duffy, Matthews, Alan, Beatrice and Isabel completed, on Wednesday afternoon (27th), Promising to jump into the pool without clothes on. While the sisters took off their tops, the brothers chose to fall into the water completely naked.

Before jumping into the pool, Alan warned: “We will live as long as we can, let us allow ourselves! Oh my God, change it, mother, I ask for your forgiveness, okay!” He said: “Sorry, mother.”

The scenes were shown on pay-per-view and went viral on social media.

After getting dressed, the brothers sang “Trem Bala” by Anna Vilela. “Why are we like this, God? Joy, go! 80 days,” Beatrice celebrated. Isabelle was grateful for the moment she shared with the brothers, and Davey said the pay-per-view should be “booming.”

An unusual idea

Daffy, Matthews, Beatrice and Alan starred in another extraordinary moment In the BP24 In the early hours of Wednesday (27th). In Ziba's kitchen, the allies showed their butts in the mirror.

The situation happens next Daffy and Matthews jump into the pool Celebrating Baridao's return. They both promised to enter the place completely naked, but until then they gave up.

Hours later, Beatrice extended an invitation: “Come, David, show your Abba Nada?”

“We project our father into the mirror,” Alan adds. “If you show it, I will show everything,” David promises.

The brother asks Matthews to show what else he has, but he points out that he has already shown it. The Bahian then complies with Beatrice's request and lowers his pants.

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“Oh my God, the plague. No… go shave! You're not going to shave anymore, are you?” The sister asks. “Every Wednesday,” the app driver answers.

Soon after, he joked that Matthews always checks for waxing. “Is it a lie, Matthews?” asks Daffy, who continues: “It's coming true.”

“It's funny that Beatrice asks the man to show her her father and she doesn't,” Matthews points out. “I'll show you what I have,” answers the sister, who keeps her promise.

In a short time, it had repercussions on the web. “What happened here with Davey?”, a netizen on X, Twitter previously asked. Another also asked: “What's going on here?”

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