Dado Dolabella accuses Davey of harassing Isabelle and demands expulsion · TV News

Dado Dolabella accuses Davey of harassing Isabelle and demands expulsion · TV News

Dado Dolabella never tires of trying to clean up Wanessa Camargo's situation on BBB 24. The actor used his Instagram account to demand the firing of Davi Brito, accusing him of harassing Isabelle Nogueiro. In the video shared by the actor, the man from Manaus is lying face down on the bed, and Bahian approaches her to kiss her. “After regional slang, comes regional adultery,” the singer's friend joked in the caption.

In the excerpt published by the winner of the first edition of A Fazenda – months after Luana attacked Giovanni and a maid – Isabelle asks Davy to stop, and he ends up sniffing her friend's neck. An angry Dado Dolabella cited MC Guimê, Lexa's ex-husband who groped participant Dania Mendes and was removed from the show for sexual harassment. “McJimmy was fired for much less reason,” he continued.

The actor and singer, who is trying to defend all of Wanessa's positions inside the house, called on JB Oliveira, also known as Boninho, and Rodrigo Carelli, director of A Fazenda, to demand the expulsion of his girlfriend's rival. “What's the matter, Boninho? Carelli wasn't afraid to fire the audience's favorite in A Fazenda. Is she really dead yet?” from an altercation with Jenny Miranda.

Despite spending a lot of her time criticizing her brother, Wanessa Camargo stressed that she does not persecute Devi. During a conversation with fellow players, Zezé Di Camargo's daughter tried to tone down her comments about the app driver. “I don't have a problem with this person. I don't like his attitudes. I don't like his actions here. This does not constitute persecution,” she said.

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The singer had already made negative comments about the driver during a conversation with Lady Elaine and Yasmin Brunet. After the driver was nominated for the wall, the participants suggested that he receive information from the production of the reality show.

“I think he's a favorite there. I've got a few theories in my head. He changes microphones a lot, old man,” Liddy said. “This is a crazy theory that doesn’t even make sense,” Yasmine responded.

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