Curitiba: The smartest city in the world

Curitiba: The smartest city in the world

Some cities change for the better, and Brazil contributes good examples! Curitiba, the capital of Paraná state, won the title of the smartest city in the world in 2023 this November.

The award is called Global Smart City Awards, awarded by Fira Barcelona. This globally prestigious award honors cities with policies, public programs and smart urban planning actions that drive social and economic growth and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Curitiba beat fellow finalists: Barranquilla (Colombia), Cascais (Portugal), Izmir (Turkey), Makati (Philippines) and Sunderland (United Kingdom). Winners for the first time in 2023, the capital has already reached the final on four other occasions.

What makes Curitiba so tasty?

The rise of smart cities

This concept has made progress in public policy formulation for several years. Although there is no single definition of what a smart city, The basic idea is to multiply technological solutions to increase the effectiveness of urban processes, promote human development, improve the use of natural and financial resources, and encourage innovative projects that support social, economic and environmental development.

Technological solutions and facilities are abundant in the capital, Paraná

Source: Patricia Mannarino – Gazzetta do Povo (2022). (Photo: Daniel Castellano/SMCS)

It highlights information and communication technologies (ICT), which enable advanced planning and management strategies for urban issues. They make it possible to collect and process data quickly, in addition to making it easier for citizens, with their active behaviours, preferences and opinions, to intervene in decision-making and evaluation processes.

This is how the use of physical structures and the performance of urban institutions are constantly improved and improved, which explains the designation “smart city”.

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In Curitiba, an ecosystem of smart urban solutions..

The capital lives up to its position as a global reference in Smart city. Curitiba, a leader in 5G technology, was one of the first capitals to receive the signal and has the largest national use of this technology. Hey Wi-Fi Curitiba, a free public internet program, has 310 points in the city. You can access e-Cidadão to request digital services from City Hall; Use the City Hall website to issue tax invoices or IPTU invoices, etc.; And an online agenda for scheduling in-person appointments.

actually Vala Curitiba Program It helps to include residents in municipal investment prioritization decisions, through participation online or in neighborhood meetings and mobile points. Platform Geococuritiba It even allows access to maps, plates and geographical data used in the regional administration of the capital.

It is also possible to request permits, certificates and licenses for works and renewals, correct and update registration data, install advertisements and build potential – all online! With this much integration, the average time needed to open a company has dropped to two hours, increasing the overall coworking space Workbookto Curitiba Guarantee Fund And for Invest in CuritibaIt ensures a great working environment for innovative companies.

Pinhao Valley Pillars, an initiative of the City Council and the Curitiba Innovation Ecosystem

Source: Vale do Pinhão (2023)

The Curitiba Solar Pyramid, the first solar power plant in Latin America to be installed on a defunct landfill, has redefined the region – from problem to solution – and saved millions for the public purse by generating clean energy under the solar umbrella. Curitiba more energy. Programs Friend of rivers that it 100 thousand trees Continue to strengthen efforts to eliminate carbon emissions in the capital.

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It’s undeniable: there are plenty of good examples of smart planning and management in Curitiba. The title was only the culmination of a long-term collective effort, which today is bearing fruit and inspiring change.

Congratulations to all participants, and I hope the positive transformations – and the rewards – in Brazilian cities multiply!

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