Curitiba has been named the smartest city in the world

Curitiba has been named the smartest city in the world

Curitiba, the capital of Paraná state, was named the smartest city in the world for 2023, during the World Smart City Awards ceremony, held in Barcelona on November 8.

The city received the award in recognition of innovative public policies, procedures, and urban planning programs that have enhanced the city’s social and economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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The World Smart Cities Awards, promoted by Fira Barcelona, ​​are the main global award for smart cities. This is the fifth time that Curitiba has emerged among the six smartest cities in the world.

In the “Cities” category at the 2023 World Smart Cities Awards, Curitiba competed with other equally innovative cities.

  • Barranquilla (Colombia): The Colombian representative distinguished herself in the competition by integrating climate action into her urban planning. The city is on track to become the first “biodiversity city” in Latin America, with investments focusing on green infrastructure and sustainable solutions. Through data-driven policies and a focus on residents’ quality of life, Barranquilla has demonstrated an innovative approach to addressing urban challenges.
  • Cascais (Portugal): The Portuguese city introduced the “Viver Cascais” program, a loyalty initiative for citizens that offers benefits in a variety of services and activities through a single card. The goal is to improve the well-being and quality of life of the population, addressing aspects such as mobility, health and culture. Cascais is characterized by its citizen-centred approach and creating an environment conducive to a full life.
  • Izmir (Türkiye): The Turkish representative in the competition, Izmir, presented a smart fire alarm system that transmits information in real time for rapid fire detection and response. This innovative system enables quick notifications and detailed image analysis, demonstrating a commitment to urban safety and the intelligent use of technology to address specific challenges.
  • Makati (Philippines): The city has been distinguished by its use of IoT devices and solutions not only as tools for creating data-driven policies, but also as drivers of behavioral transformation among citizens. By empowering residents to be responsible stewards of urban resources, Makati aims to achieve sustainable and replicable results, contributing to a more aware and engaged society.
  • Sunderland (United Kingdom): In partnership with Bouldin Networks, the city sought to create the smartest city in the country, promoting digital transformation in a comprehensive manner. Using advanced wireless technologies, the city has implemented a smart city data platform for real-time management. The comprehensive approach aims to ensure all citizens benefit from the ongoing digital revolution, making Sunderland a benchmark for comprehensive digital transformation.
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Curitiba, Brazil)

Curitiba, the top winner, addressed urban challenges through a sustainable approach to smart urban planning. By focusing on socio-economic growth and environmental sustainability, the city has implemented initiatives such as the solar pyramid, urban farms, and advances in electric mobility. Furthermore, Curitiba stands out in the areas of food security, health 4.0 and connectivity, being a global reference in smart cities.

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