CTI-1 at HSJB has been emptied and is not accepting new patients

CTI-1 at HSJB has been emptied and is not accepting new patients

A video circulated on social media on Tuesday night the 19th shows the intensive care beds in CTI-1 of the São João Batista Hospital (HSJB) empty. The last patient was discharged from the hospital today, and as the doctors who resigned announced, it will not be possible to accept new patients.

In the September 14 issue, Folha da Mata reported that the medical team at CTI-1 had decided to terminate its contracts with the institution, including coordination and all personnel.

The main reason is late payment. The workers on shift have not been paid for seven months and the CTI-1 coordinator has not been paid for 10 months.

The letter signed in CTI-1 format and sent to the Viçosense Medical Association, dated August 31, represents the moment of collective dismissal and highlights that doctors will continue to work normally during the 15 days after the signing of the letter, including accepting new patients, an essential condition. This deadline expired last Friday, the 15th.

The report spoke this evening with the President of the Vicosense Medical Association, Alessandro Lisboa, who confirmed that the CTI-1 had been emptied and that it was impossible to receive new patients due to the absence of medical staff. He stressed that the fact is not a surprise to anyone and that all municipal, regional and state health authorities and bodies have been notified in advance.

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