Crying Virginia Fonseca reveals that her father is in the intensive care unit and is asking for prayer – entertainment

Crying Virginia Fonseca reveals that her father is in the intensive care unit and is asking for prayer - entertainment

Virginia Fonseca, the wife of singer Zi Felipe, sparked a revolution on her social networks, on Sunday morning (17), about the health of her father, Mario Serao. That’s because on Friday (16), the influencer was visibly emotional saying that her depressed father has serious health complications, which worries her fans.

“I know there are a lot of people who like him here, which is why I’m going to tell you what happened. I already told you that he just wanted to eat soup. And when we tried to feed him, he forced himself to vomit not to eat. As far as he is in this case, it’s obvious, so There was no way for us to force or try anything, because if he didn’t want to, there was no way. We were always encouraging him, telling him to leave the room, and trying to eat, but it wasn’t good.”

Then she told the influencer how she realized that her father was not feeling well. Yesterday, my mother said, “Go see your father,” but I said I wouldn’t go, because the more I went there (in his room), the worse it became than I already am. Then I went down but God touched my heart and I decided to go see my father. When I got there, I found him in a situation which made me very sad and angry, for I cannot understand why he would not want to eat when we had the conditions and could do whatever he wanted.”

After that, she stated that she began to insist on changing her father’s habits, because she could not stand seeing him go wrong. “I said a lot of things to him, because it pained me to see him in that position. I said I loved him, and I left the room, but he didn’t answer me. Oh, I went back and asked if he listened to me, he said he loved me too and I went to kiss him on the forehead, and that When I noticed he was very hot. I took his temperature and he had a fever. At the same time, I said I needed to intervene and take him to the hospital.”

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“He didn’t want to go at all, we’ve already talked about it other times and he always canceled, but this time we took it. When he got there, his pressure was 7/3 and they said he’d need to stay in the ICU, because he has severe pneumonia. , and that’s why he lost me yesterday, because it was so bad. He’s fine, and clear, but he keeps praying for him”

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