Crying and phone calls! Rachel Scheherazade reveals the behind the scenes of her expulsion

Crying and phone calls!  Rachel Scheherazade reveals the behind the scenes of her expulsion

Rachel Scheherazade He broke the silence and revealed for the first time what was going on behind the scenes of his expulsion from the country Farm 15. In an interview with podcast link, The journalist admitted that she was deeply shocked by the situation.

Rachel Scheherazade, from the movie “A Fazenda 15”. Reproduction/Instagram

Photo: Miss Novella

“The voice choked, I was crying, because the daughter had not fallen yet. In my head, I was called to take care because I was very nervous, I was just being threatened… I thought I was called for this, to have a conversation or also to say: ‘Look, you have to take care of the animals.’ “, I started.

Then Scheherazade said that she could only cry during the news. “It was a bucket of cold water on my head, and ice water on my head. I couldn’t stop talking, I had to talk to people on the phone, and to the manager on the phone. I couldn’t speak, I just heard people crying.” complete.

“I talked to Fernando, to a psychologist, I talked to a lot of people. I don’t even remember how many people I talked to. But I was very emotional. I talked about things, when I could have said something, because I just cried“, I finish Rachel Scheherazade.

It is worth noting that the former presenter of the SBT newspaper was fired from A Fazenda 15 after being confused with… Jenny Miranda.

paying off!

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