Criminals approach former BBB Lucas Buda after an event in Rio de Janeiro

Criminals approach former BBB Lucas Buda after an event in Rio de Janeiro

Former BBB Lucas Buddha Criminals approached their family members when they returned from the schedule of events in the early hours of Sunday (26) in Rio de Janeiro. The information comes from the capoeira teacher.

“Boda and his family were robbed today, around 2:50 a.m., upon returning home from a schedule of events,” the released memo begins.

Moreover, according to the statement, Buddha's goods were taken while he was in good health. He continues, “They took phones, documents and other personal items, but they are all physically fine.”

The former BBB team concludes: “We have already registered the BO ignoring the strange message and/or call from Buddha. Anything, here we are.”

Before the robbery, Buda enjoyed performances by Manu Brown, Djunga, Eo Chan, as well as rapper BK. There he also met former BBB actor Papo Santana and playwright Adalberto Neto.

Buddha signs with Britta Gel

Last week, Lukas Buda signed a contract with Mynd8, a company owned by Britta Gill and Fatima Bessara, who will now take over his career in advertising. Other former BBBs, such as Giles de Vigor and Camila De Lucas, are also part of the agency's staff.

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