Criciúma City Hall opened an emergency care unit in the Boa Vista neighborhood

Criciúma City Hall opened an emergency care unit in the Boa Vista neighborhood

The UPA 24h Dalbí José Sebastiana will be delivered on Saturday the 15th at 10am

A new story in the health of the Boa Vista neighborhood. On Saturday the 15th of this month, the Municipal Health Department of Criciuma will hold the inauguration of the 24-hour Dalby José Sebastiana Emergency Care Unit (UPA), the third in the municipality. The renovation and expansion of the old space will mark the integration of UPA with the Neighborhood Basic Health Unit (UBS). The party will take place at 10 a.m. at the new venue located on Rua Tangará in the Boa Vista neighborhood.

“The opening of the UPA 24h Dalbí José Sebastiana represents a milestone in the management and history of public health in Criciúma. With this new space, which is part of UBS, we are expanding and qualifying the service offered to the population, providing a more flexible, efficient and humane service, which leads not only to the improvement The quality of life of the residents of the Boa Vista neighborhood, but also for all the residents of Criciuma,” highlighted the Mayor of Criciuma, Clecio Salvaro.

Photo: Eliezer Cardoso/Crisiuma City Council

UPA 24h Dalbí José Sebastiana is located on a plot of 6,186.17 m2, with a building area of ​​939.88 m2. The total investment to renovate and expand the space amounted to R$ 650,000, coming from city council resources. During the opening ceremony, the work order for the construction of the X-ray room will also be signed, with resources provided by the Federal Representative Julia Zanatta.

UPA services will be managed by the Extremo Sul Catarinense University (Unesc), and the site will provide urgent and emergency care 24 hours a day, without interruption, seven days a week. The structure will include a multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nursing technicians, administrative technicians, disinfectants, maintenance and monitoring agents and a coordinator.

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According to what was stated by the municipal health secretary. David de Freitas Floreano, like the UPA areas in the Rio Maina District and Prospera District, the UPA in the Boa Vista District will offer the following services: risk stratification, medical and nursing care, rapid tests (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis), COVID-19 and dengue. . In addition, the unit will provide support for emergency care at UBS units, and conduct emergency medical consultations.

“The municipality of Criciuma has invested in high-quality healthcare and expanding its access to all residents, to meet the demands of the community. At UPA 24h Dalbí José Sebastiana, we hope to reach, on average, approximately 5,000 services per month, reducing demand in UPA areas in Rio Maina and Prospera.

UBS Boa Vista will be managed by Criciúma City Hall and will operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., without closing at noon, Monday through Friday. The unit will provide the following services: medical, nursing and dental consultations, vaccination rooms that will be open from Monday to Saturday, a pharmacy to dispense medications and health education services. More than 5,000 registered users from the Boa Vista, São Francisco and Villa Floresta neighborhoods will benefit.

Dalby Jose Sebastiana

Dalby José Sebastiana was born in Criciuma on March 21, 1950, and began his activities in the city as a miner. At the age of nineteen he married Sara Maria de Oliveira Sebastiana. Together they built their family and made a home in the Boa Vista neighborhood. Dalby was also a Criciúma advisor in 2004 and actively participated in events that contributed to the development of the communities. After battling heart disease, Dalby died on March 4, 2014, leaving his legacy in the Boa Vista and São Francisco neighborhoods.

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Collaboration: Eduarda Salazar/Crisiuma City Council

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