Covid-19: Vaccination scheduling opened for people over 43 years old in Campinas

Covid-19: Vaccination scheduling opened for people over 43 years old in Campinas

The scheduling of the Covid-19 vaccine for people over 43 years old, Campinas residents and without pre-existing diseases (comorbidities), will be opened by the Municipal Health Department at 2 pm on Monday, June 21. Preferably through the website. Or by phone 160. People who have difficulty scheduling appointments can contact a health referral center for assistance.

Vaccines will be applied in city health centers only by appointment. There are 63 health facilities available for vaccination. Each unit opens on one day of the week exclusively for vaccination, which can be on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Only CSs Boa Esperança, Carlos Gomes, Campina Grande and Bassoli were disqualified. There are places available starting Tuesday, June 22nd.

It is necessary to bring your CPF, identity document with photo, proof of address and proof issued at the end of the appointment (it can be on your cell phone). For proof of address, it is possible to take, for example: bills for water, electricity, telephone, gas, Internet services, bank account, credit card bill, IPTU brochure, etc.

The interval between influenza vaccination and Covid

Anyone who has had the flu shot needs to wait 14 days to get the Covid vaccine. The same is true if the opposite is true: Only 14 days after taking the Covid vaccine can a person take the flu.

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