Covid-19: Hospital workers who chose to lose their jobs rather than get vaccinated in the US

Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas is the first hospital network in the United States to require its employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The vast majority of its 26,000 employees agreed. But 153 of them chose to lose their jobs.

Nurse Jennifer Bridges is one of those, leading a lawsuit against Hospital 0151, an example of a growing group of people who are rejecting vaccines in the country, which is suffering from an “epidemic” of misinformation peddled by anti-vaccine groups.

“At first, I just wanted full approval for the vaccine [pelo governo]. I also wanted to know the long-term data before taking it, because once it’s in your body, there’s no way to get it back,” she says.

“But over time, I decided I would never get the vaccine,” he adds.

Houston Methodist Hospital calls it a “sacred responsibility” to protect patients. And that this is one of the reasons for compulsory vaccination.

“There has been a real, organized movement to undermine vaccines,” says Mark Baum, president of the foundation. “And they are the reason we live in our 70s and many years now, not our 50s.”

Experts say individual liberties should be respected as long as they do not endanger others.

According to them, between 70% and 90% of the population needs to be immunized to be able to control the epidemic.

With a gradual return to work environments, the US government has authorized companies to put a vaccine in place as a condition to keep their employees employed.

But the Republican governors of Texas and Florida pass laws that make this kind of segregation illegal.

Nurse Jennifer Bridges dismissed her claim. But she says she will not give up.

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