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by Mark David Melo. Physician and member of the AAL and IHGAL | Today’s Edition 06/11/2021The article was updated on 05/11/2021 at 22:51

Two important cities that have tourism at the base of their economy, Fortaleza and the resort of Camboriu are investing heavily in expanding their coastal strip. Tons of sand are being moved to reoccupy the space occupied by nails that have greedily advanced into what would be the natural domain of the Atlantic Ocean, allowing parasites to thrive on the shaded beach. An attempt was made to contain the wrath of nature that threatens to reclaim space lost for decades without saving anything or anyone. In Alagoas, we can see this devastation in many areas, including Ponta Verde. Experts say climate change is among the causes.

The destruction of the planet’s natural resources, causing global warming, epidemics and extreme climate change, is one of the three reasons (along with the deconstruction of personal privacy by Internet algorithms and the resulting misinformation) to annoy sensitive people. According to specialists, by signing the climate commitments at COP-26 and reviewing greenhouse gas reduction targets, Brazil is sending a positive signal to the international community. However, she needs to show that she will put it into practice if she is to reap the benefits of the new position. For the British Ambassador to Brazil, Peter Wilson, the key word is implementation. If Brazil wants to attract investment from private funds, it will have to prove that it protects the environment. Brazil wants more investments in its economy, but in the future it will not be possible to attract more money without a clear environmental policy at the federal and state levels. He said public money from other governments, including those from the UK, would be used where it was most effective. It’s Argumentum ad Crumenam (a plea for grant when other arguments have faded away)

The same experts say that such a constant change in the current environmental policy seems unlikely, but it is a positive factor because it determines the obligations of the state that must be fulfilled in the future. They also claim that the most important in these cases is the government’s record, and in the past two years emissions have increased; In the midst of the pandemic, when the whole world reduced carbon dioxide emissions, Brazil managed to increase them by 9.5%. They remember that in the US Congress there is a project to punish those who do not care about nature radically, which could gain strength and approval if Brazil again begins to have combustion and gas emissions records next year. Everyone sees a different attitude from Brazil, but there is international skepticism towards the Brazilian government. “It’s a matter of global concern, and not just for environmentalists,” says a representative of one of the world’s largest private funds, from Abu Dhabi. Not only poets, such as García Lorca, of the sublime “Green I want you to be green.”

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