Copacabana Palace fined R $ 15,000 after a night of concerts and parties

Copacabana Palace fined R $ 15,000 after a night of concerts and parties

The Copacabana Palace was fined R $ 15,466, plus a 10-day ban on events, for hosting a 500-person party last Friday (14). The evening was marked by concerts Gustavo Lima, Ludmila, Momusinho, Alexandre Pires e Dodo Noble Generate a large conglomerate. What contradicts the decree in the city of Rio to contain the epidemic.

In addition to the celebrities, there were hundreds of other guests who were at the venue without the use of face masks. In the videos that are circulating on social networks, it is possible to notice a crowd around the stage, which does not respect social distancing and safety protocols.

Photo: Bruno Menezes,
capital Cities

Initially, the inspection found no irregularities at the party, because all guests at the entrance preferred to wear a mask. However, the change came after Health Surveillance analyzed images from within the event, posted to social networks.

This Saturday (05/15), after analyzing the images published by the press and social networks, the health surveillance found disobedience to permanent and changing measures to protect life., Starts a note from the secretariat. Violation rated “very serious”

“In the above photos, there was a public crowd in front of the concert featuring a dance floor, and the guests did not wear a face mask and did not respect the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the participants. At the entrance to the facility, the photos also showed a lump in the queue and disorganized access to the venue. The note continues.

In response to the CNNCopacabana Palace stated that “fCompliance with all legal requirements and obligations stipulated in Decree No. 48845, published on May 7, 2021 in the Municipal Official Gazette. ”Through a memorandum, the hotel also said that“ adherence to the authorities ’recommendations is a prerequisite for the occurrence of events.“.

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It should be noted that the country is second in the ranking of deaths by Convid-19, and the country is a far cry from having the entire population vaccinated – or in numbers that allow events to resume – only 17%. The number of victims of the epidemic in the country on Saturday, 433 thousand.

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