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Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and striker Emiliano Buendia, two of the players involved in the controversy in the Brazil-Argentina derby, on the fifth of the month, in Sao Paulo, for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, may return to play this weekend by Aston. Villa in the English Premier League. Athletes have completed a 14-day quarantine in Croatia after participating in national team matches.

The goalkeeper and striker arrived in the eastern European country after leaving Brazil, as they were unable to train in the UK. The two stayed in a hotel, where they had the opportunity to perform physical exercises, with the guidance of the remote club.

“Hopefully they will join the team tomorrow (Saturday) in the morning,” Aston Villa coach Dean Smith told a news conference Friday, before the Everton game, in the fifth round of the Premier League.

“We will decide if they are ready to play or not. We have information about what they do every day in Croatia. They are in good physical shape, and that’s what we need to know. We will wait until tomorrow (Saturday) ‘in the morning and we’ll see’.”

Martinez and Buendía were two of four players accused of giving false information to immigration when they entered Brazil, ahead of the derby match between the local team and Argentina, which was supposed to take place entirely on the 5th in Sao Paulo.

Argentina decided to withdraw from the field by inspectors from the National Health Control Agency (Anvisa) to invade the stadium in search of the four athletes. After that, the game was suspended and FIFA has already announced that it is studying the issue.

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