Control of the union's shares legitimizes Lula's rhetoric about Petrobras

Control of the union's shares legitimizes Lula's rhetoric about Petrobras

Kennedy stressed that the fact that the government owns more than half of Petrobras' shares means that Lula can make decisions that dictate the company's direction.

We know that whoever runs Petrobras is the majority shareholder, and whoever runs a company is the one who has the most shareholder power in that company. So, the union is in charge of Petrobras, the federal government. The person representing the federal government at the moment is a citizen named Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The federal government owns 50.26% of the common stock, which has voting rights. Kennedy Alencar

Columnist L UOL He also classified the talk about the decision not to distribute dividends as “a lobby of those interested in obtaining profits, getting more, and putting more money in their pockets,” and stressed the necessity of investing in Petrobras, even if it is with the aim of achieving more profits. Energy transmission.

It is legitimate for a government pursuing an energy transition policy to believe that Brazil's largest company, which operates in the energy sector, needs to raise money to invest. (…) It's definitely about wanting to provide resources to make investments, especially at a time when we're talking about the energy transition and Petrobras becoming an energy company, not just an oil company. Petrobras will not remain an oil company for the rest of its life, and if that happens, Petrobras will be ruined. It has to migrate to become an energy company and that requires investment. Kennedy Alencar


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