Consumers can now order a repeat of the second round of Receita Certa da Nota Fiscal Gaúcha

Consumers can now order a repeat of the second round of Receita Certa da Nota Fiscal Gaúcha

The second round of the NFG (Nota Fiscal Gaúcha) program will return R$73 million to registered consumer citizens who request that CPF be included in the invoice at the time of purchase.

Taxpayers can now request a refund of cash back starting Friday (29) through the NFG website or app.

According to Receita Certa rules, whenever a retailer achieves revenue growth in a quarter, a portion of that increase is returned to citizens who requested CPF on their bills at the time of purchase.

“This is a way to reward a citizen who has requested his degree, it has helped in the growth of the group and to make honors resources that can be applied by the state, however, they are directed to the social entities of the NFG,” says Undersecretary of Finance, State Revenue, Ricardo Neves Pereira.

Taxpayers can request the return of the Receita Certa, through Pix (CPF for a citizen) or a deposit into an active Banrisul checking or savings account that the citizen refers to. Only CPF linked accounts registered in the NFG program can be refunded. It must be requested in My Awards.

According to calculations by State Revenue, retail growth in the December-January-February-March period (compared to the same period in the previous year) was 10.9%. Your refund will vary from $5 to BRL 172, depending on the number of points.

Citizens will have up to 90 days to redeem values. If the citizen does not reach the minimum redemption amount in a quarter, the award will accrue and will be available for redemption in subsequent quarters when the minimum is reached.

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