Constantinou says candidates seeking re-election under the pandemic are being punished at the polls

3 in 1 commentators analyzed the political scenario of the 2022 presidential election, and analyzed the effects of the economy’s performance in the elections.

GB News / 3 in 1The commentator analyzed the impact of the economic situation on the 2022 elections

previous president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) tops the voting intent survey released on Monday, 20th, by Ipseb Institute. Labor shows 44% of voting intentions, leads the poll and is followed by the incumbent Jair Bolsonaro (PL), which adds up to 24% of intents. Former Judge and Former Minister Sergio Moro (We can), and appears in third place, with 9% of intentions, while Ciro Gomez PDT comes in behind at 8%. PSDB Previews Winner, Joao Doria Summarizes 3% of intentions while Felipe Davila (new) and Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD) add up to 1% each. In the second round simulation, Lula won in all scenarios, including a head-to-head fight against Bolsonaro.

During your participation in the program 3 in 1Give pan youthcommentator Rodrigo Constantino He analyzes polling indicators and assess how economic performance might affect the outcome of the 2022 election. For him, candidates trying to get re-elected in a pandemic scenario are penalized at the polls. “An incumbent seeking re-election in the shadow of the pandemic, at a time of great economic damage, has been punished at the polls. This is what we see all over the world, in the United States, Chile and elsewhere. It is clear that the There’s a natural effect, and it’s all getting worse and in a way that gets overlooked on those in government.” Calculate the cause of the larger economic scenario. This has nothing to do with government or economic policy. It’s because the economy isn’t doing well and there’s a reason for that: the governor shuts down, the president shuts down. municipality, and inflation, which is a global phenomenon.”

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