Cleaner cleans apartment with 1,500 pizza packets after neighbors complain: ‘It smells unbearable’

Cleaner cleans apartment with 1,500 pizza packets after neighbors complain: ‘It smells unbearable’

One The pizza addict has put together about 1,500 square packages of the delicacy Even the neighbors, very uncomfortable with “unbearable smell” Coming from the property, they complained to the owner.

One Extreme cleaning specialist he was hired. Joe Cole is said to have stayed aghast When he arrived to clean the estate in Southampton (England) and stated that he was “one of his worst works”.

it takes Three days and six specialists to complete the cleaning. The incident happened in September last year, but it has only been reported now.

The doorman photographed piles of rubbish that almost reached the ceiling and said that there was a “Unbearable smell of rotten food”According to a report by the newspaper “The Sun”. The apartment is described as a “trash deposit”.

In addition to the many pizza boxes piled up in the bathroom, there were also ones scattered throughout the house. Lots of takeout containers, chicken bones, and even used toilet paper.

Piles of pizza packages on an estate in England: ‘unbearable smell’ Photo: Reproduction

“We couldn’t even fully open the front door, and had to squeeze in to get some items out. It was just a dump. It was everything you normally put in your household trash on this property.”Joe announced.

According to the cleaner, the situation got worse and it got to that point during Closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Only after the resident left the house did he reveal the reality to the owner.

It is estimated that the previous resident spent the equivalent 220 thousand Brazilian riyals With pizza and other meals delivered to the address.

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