Claudia Alencar is hospitalized again and undergoes emergency surgery

Claudia Alencar is hospitalized again and undergoes emergency surgery

Actress Claudia Alencar, 72 years old, was admitted to the hospital again last Thursday (13), after feeling severe back pain. This time, she was hospitalized at the Samaritano Hospital in Rio, and underwent emergency surgery on Friday (14), but is in good condition. The artist was discharged from Plasse Barra Hospital in Rio de Janeiro just over a week ago, after being hospitalized for a long period that began in December last year due to a serious bacterial infection.

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She said: “I walked on the first day of surgery, I walk in the morning and in the afternoon, and I feel good. My recovery is beautiful. I intend to recover through physical therapy and weight training.” The message has been sent to gshow.

The actress was initially admitted to a Sao Vicente clinic, in the southern region of Rio, on December 17, due to a bacterial infection following spinal surgery. Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, identified as the cause of the infection, are known to be resistant to antibiotics and can cause serious complications such as pneumonia and heart infections.

During her long hospital stay, Claudia underwent numerous medical procedures and an intensive and rigorous rehabilitation program at Plasse Barra Hospital. In an April bulletin, the hospital reported a significant improvement in Claudia's condition, highlighting the increase in strength, muscle mass, and motor independence that allowed the actress to carry out her daily activities without assistance.

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The actress has been away from television since 2017 and has projects in 2024

Claudia Alencar is known for her roles in series such as “Tieta” (1989) and “Fera Ferida” (1993), and was cast in the TV series “Beleza Fatal” on HBO Max, due to her health condition away from the project.

“Claudia Alencar expresses her deep gratitude to the entire HBO production team, especially Maria de Medicis, artistic director of the series “Beleza Fatal,” for inviting the actress to be part of the plot. The actress is also grateful for all the respect and appreciation. “HBO’s efforts to make this a success The partnership thanks, above all, the broadcaster’s humanity in understanding the moment, and taking a friendly break from this promising partnership.”

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In addition to the series, Claudia recently shared on social media a photo from the movie “Falling Real” with Evelyn Castro and singer Bello. Since her participation in the series “Rock Story” (2017) on Globo, the actress has stayed away from television.

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