Cities: Skylines 2's community is becoming increasingly toxic

Cities: Skylines 2's community is becoming increasingly toxic

Marina Halikainen – head of studio Colossal Order, and creator of Cities: Skylines 2 – has expressed concern about the increasing toxicity in the game's community.

Here is the message I shared Paradox Forum:

“Last but not least, we have seen an increasing trend of poisoning in our community, something we have never felt on this scale before. Not only directed at our producers, but also at other members of the community – resulting in people being hesitant to interact with the community. In the long run, this will not only really hurt the mood and happiness of community members, but it will also discourage creativity and modification, which is something we will be very sad to see.”

“We always appreciate the presence of producers on different social platforms and direct communication with the community, but our biggest responsibility will always be to protect the team and make sure they are working in a safe environment so they can do their best and stay motivated and productive.”

Finally, Hallikainen gave players some universal advice that will be useful in their lives, such as offering constructive criticism and always being kind.

We will see if this is enough to stop the toxicity of society.

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