Chris Flores asks for a location from Neymar in case of DJ Ivis

Chris Flores asks for a location from Neymar in case of DJ Ivis

Broadcaster Chris Flores has asked Neymar Jr. to make a public appearance In the case relating to DJ Ivis’ assaults on his wife Pamela Holland. The “Collection” was held during the Fofocalizador Program Fair on Monday (12).

Chris Flores warned viewers that in addition to stopping to follow the artist, Netizens should report DJ accounts on social media, as I did:

“I already did, because I will tell you, this kind of person should disappear from the Earth stage, do you understand? There can be nothing.” “Ah, but what he knows how to do is sing.” His bad luck. Think before you do what I did. Not worth‘ said the lieutenant.

After that, Chris Flores said that he regretted the people who liked the musician’s choreography and performed it on social networks and cited as an example the athlete who reproduced the choreography of one of DJ Ivis’s songs:

“I am sorry for the people who believed in him, his fans, who downloaded his songs, who were playing choreographies on social media with his music. Even Neymar danced to his songChris Flores said.

After that, the journalist made sure to ask the player a public position, stating that Whoever does not take a position agreeing to the state of aggression:

“Neymar, take a stand! We want to hear you. Raise your voice, Neymar! We want to hear everyone speak, all the artists who dared to take a stand, congratulations. Yes, you have to take a stand, you must be against it, because whoever does not say anything, Sign below.”

And recently, the player used his social networks to criticize the Brazilians who were cheering for the country in the final of the Copa América held last Saturday (10). Argentina were defeated by Argentina in the Maracana, 1-0.

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“I am a very proud Brazilian and a lot of love.” My dream has always been to be in the Brazilian national team and to hear the fans sing. I have never supported or will support if Brazil plays for anything, no matter the sport, the modeling competition or the Oscar”, He began to tell the former Bruna Marquezin.

He continued: “If there is Brazil, then I am Brazil, and who is the Brazilian and is it different? Well, I will respect it, but go to … ”, The player told stories days before Brazil’s defeat in the tournament.

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