Chris admits to separating Giovanni from Isis and faces wrath from Playboy TV News

Chris admits to separating Giovanni from Isis and faces wrath from Playboy TV News

Giovanni (Philippe Bragança) will end up overhearing a compromising conversation between Chris (Valentina Herzage) and Tony (Richard Abelha) at Elas por Elas. With this, the playboy will get confirmation that the girl has arranged for him and Isis (Rissa Pratilleri) to break up. The truth will come from the mouth of the villain herself, who will admit that she fell in love with Tony when they were together in the Globo series at six o'clock.

She and her ex-boyfriend will remember the old times when they met in Helan In this chapter Friday (8). The boy will congratulate her on marrying Giovanni, especially after everything she did to stay with the businessman.

“Gio realized that I was the one who really loved him, not Isis,” the girl will declare, given her ex-boyfriend's compliment. “We know Gio is still obsessed with Isis. You will never be his love,” says Rene's adopted son (Maria Clara Spinelli). “She used me to try to separate the two.”

“And you agreed because you wanted ISIS. You wanted to be with it. The problem was that we…”, Valentina Herzage's character will say. “We fell in love,” Tony adds.

The two wouldn't notice that Giovanni would be near the door, listening to everything. “So ISIS was right? They arranged to separate us?”, Helena's adopted son (Isabel Teixeira) will say in one fell swoop. He will angrily confront his girlfriend, and ends up choosing to break off their relationship – even though he believes her pregnancy story.

Elas por Elas is a reinterpretation of the plot created by Cassiano Gabus Mendes (1927-1993) in 1982. The series will be replaced by the series No Rancho Fundo, written by Mario Teixeira, in the six o'clock slot on Globo.

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