China says an American ship entered its territory without permission

China says an American ship entered its territory without permission

The Chinese military said on Saturday, January 25, that the North American destroyer USS Hopper, a warship, entered Chinese territorial waters without government authorization.

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According to what was published on the official account of WeChat From the Southern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, military forces are mobilizing naval and air resources to monitor and warn the ship.

Tensions between the China Sea

This information comes after the Asian giant accused the Philippines of recruiting “foreign forces” to patrol the South China Sea. In reference to the joint operations carried out by the Filipinos and Americans on Tuesday.

The Chinese military said in a statement that the incident “proves that the United States represents a ‘true creator of security risks’ in the South China Sea.”

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At the beginning of the month, the United States and China held dialogues on maritime issues.

The meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping was organized by the two governments with the aim of improving diplomatic relations between the United States and China | Photo: Reproduction/The Social Network/Joe Biden

The main progress of the meeting was the resumption of communication between the military sectors of both countries, allowing it to be reopened so that the leaders can return to dialogue directly.

China’s unilateral closure of these channels, amid increasing interceptions of American ships and aircraft in international areas near Beijing, represents one of Washington’s main concerns.

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