China records highest number of Covid cases in 21 months – world

The Chinese city of Xi’an, with a population of 13 million people in custody, announced on Sunday (26) a “complete” clean-up and stricter restrictions, the day the country registered more number cases COVID-19 in a 21 months.

The authorities announced on Sunday 206 new cases, which is the highest number in just one day since March 2020.

China has been implementing a “zero COVID” strategy since last year and has tightened surveillance to prevent an outbreak ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held in February. But sporadic outbreaks are still detected.

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After a small outbreak of covid disease, a city Xi’an, known for its terracotta warrior statues, has been closed since Thursday.

Of the 206 infections recorded on Sunday, the city of Xi’an was responsible for 155 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 500 in recent weeks. To limit the spread, the authorities announced Large-scale tests across the entire population.

He Wenquan, a senior official in Xi’an government, said nearly 29,000 people have been quarantined in hotels.

This Sunday, the city will begin a “complete” disinfection.

Restrictions have been tightened. Only one person from each home can go out every three days to buy necessities. Before that it was possible to go out every two days.

China has been implementing a “zero COVID” strategy for more than a year to limit new cases as much as possible.

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