Chile is on alert for an exceptional atmospheric storm

Chile is on alert for an exceptional atmospheric storm

Chile is on alert regarding the risk of a repeat of the major floods that occurred in June last year and affected several regions of the country | Carabineros de Chile/Mitsol Archive

Chile is on alert for an atmospheric river described by local meteorologists as exceptional and dangerous, Category 5, the maximum on the intensity scale, which will be responsible for exceptionally large amounts of rain and large amounts of snow in the high mountains of the Andes. .

A cold front will operate in the third week of June in the Chilean territory with high to exceptional rainfall accumulations, which will cause flooding, flash floods and landslides.

This weekend sees instability in central and southern Chile, but at the beginning of the week another frontal system accompanied by an atmospheric river will arrive with a huge amount of humid air and more intense precipitation in the region.

Among the areas that should be most affected by the accumulated storms are the areas extending from the Aisne to the Maule region. In central and southern Chile, moisture inputs will be lower, but still vulnerable.

Under this scenario, many areas of central and southern Chile are expected to be exposed to floods, floods, landslides, and rocks with dangerous alluvial conditions capable of burying entire communities. Furthermore, many rivers can overflow their courses.

Chile, which was hit earlier this year by devastating forest fires that killed more than a hundred people, can relive the water drama that erupted last June, which was the most serious rain and flood event since 1983.

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