Chief says developing his engine is the “largest investment” Red Bull has ever made in F1

Chief says developing his engine is the "largest investment" Red Bull has ever made in F1

Sergio Perez

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After announcing that Honda, the current supplier of Red Bull engines, will be out of the class at the end of 2021, the Austrian team announced the creation of a self-development company for Japanese power units, Red Bull Powertrains, which according to bullfighting head Christian Horner is the largest investment it has made The team since its emergence in the early 2000s.

“This is probably the biggest investment that Red Bull has made in Formula 1 since the acquisition of the Jaguar team in 2004,” Horner told Britain’s Sky Sports.

“We created a new campus and the newest addition to this campus will bring in the engine-related business here in Milton Keynes, building a new facility designed to house some of the best engineering talent in the business, with a major focus on future regulations,” he continues.

“This provides an opportunity to fully integrate the power unit with the body development part. In addition to Ferrari, we will be the only team that produces the engine and chassis under one roof,” he said.

Christian Horner

Christian Horner

Photo: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool / Grand Prix

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The ambitious project, which will take care of the power units of Red Bull from 2022, has already spoken a lot, especially after the team has not gauged the efforts of hiring Ben Hodgkinson, the Mercedes engineering chief who has been on the Anglo-German team for the past 20 years.

Despite recent criticisms made by Helmut Marco, a Red Bull adviser, about the “hat” given to the competitor, Horner underestimated the hiring, reminding that the choice was made based on the talent of the contracted engineer. “Mercedes has clearly done a great job, not just in the last seven years of the hybrid era, but before that with V8 engines. This here in the UK and the name Ben [Hodgkinson] Came to the fore. “

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