Check the amount of savings of 3 million R$

Discover the amount of savings of 33 million Brazilian Real

On Saturday night (11/12), Caixa will draw the new Mega-Sena Prize, #2437. If the player can match the six tens, they can get Approximately 3 million Brazilian reals, considering that Mega-Sena is within this value range. But do you already know what is the best way to ensure a good return on the jackpot?

One option is to let the Mega-Sena prize come to fruition in savings. To illustrate how the calculation works, we ran a return simulation according to Selic. Copom has recently re-adjusted the rate. Now it is in the 9.25% range. This means that savings have returned to the old level, that is, deposits made until April 2012.

Remember that in the last Mega-Sena competition, there was only one person managed to earn All the money accumulated. I hit the six dozen and thus took R$39405657.46 for the house. Therefore, the new premium has returned to the lower level, which is about 3 million R$.

Mega Sina: How much is 3 million Brazilian riyals paid?

If a lucky person could hit all 6 Mega-Sena that were drawn, he would be able to get a value of 3 million R$. Premium forecasts have been set by Caixa Econômica Federal. There will, then, be the possibility of leaving the money in the savings account.

Selleck’s rate is currently in the range of 9.25%, with a savings return of 0.50% per month + TR. What does this indicate? In the first month, the lucky one will get an income of approx 15,000 Brazilian riyals. Remember that tickets with bets can be registered until 19:00 on December 11, 2021 (the same day of the drawing), both by lottery and by Location from the fund.

The transmission will be carried out, as usual, by channel No Banquo No Youtube.

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