Check out the major changes to the iPhone system

Check out the major changes to the iPhone system

iOS 17.3, the new update to Apple's operating system, was released on Monday (22), just one month after version 17.2. The new feature has security features, visual changes and functional improvements for the brand's devices. Among the updates is stolen device protection, which adds an additional layer of security when third parties attempt to modify device settings. The latest version of iOS also lets you create collaborative playlists and interact with songs using emojis on Apple Music. Below, check out more details about the update.

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1. Protect the stolen device

The Stolen Device Protection feature is designed to add an extra layer of security if a user's device password is compromised and their iPhone is stolen at the same time. When the feature is activated, the system requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication to retrieve passwords or access keys saved in iCloud, as well as to deactivate Lost Mode and erase iPhone content and settings.

The extra layer of security, which promises to eliminate the chance of criminals taking control of the device, is also activated when you use saved payment methods in Safari and when you use your iPhone to set up a new device. In addition to biometric authentication, the function adds a one-hour security delay when the iPhone is in unfamiliar locations and performing sensitive activities, such as changing your Apple ID password or updating your iPhone password, for example.

Stolen device protection is among the new features in iOS 17.3 – Image: Disclosure/Apple

2. Collaborative playlist and emoji on Apple Music

iOS 17.3 introduces new features for Apple Music subscribers. A collaborative playlist allows multiple users to add, organize, and remove songs in a shared playlist. In addition, it is now possible to interact with songs in the playlist using animated emojis by tapping the smiley face icon at the top of the player. The collaborative playlist was already expected in iOS 17.2, but Apple decided to leave the feature until the first system update in 2024.

Apple Music subscribers will be able to create and edit collaborative playlists on iOS 17.3 – Image: Disclosure/Apple

3. Background of Unity Bloom

iOS 17.3 introduces the new Unity Bloom lock screen wallpaper. The wallpaper is a tribute to black culture and is inspired by the resilience and beauty of the black community. The new Unity Bloom image features a black background with a red, yellow, and green flower outline. According to Apple, the floral design symbolizes African unity and the work of generations to fight injustice and exclusion from systemic barriers.

Unity Bloom is an iOS 17.3 background image that pays tribute to black culture – Image: Disclosure/Apple

4. Broadcasting in hotels

Users with the iOS 17.3 update will be able to pair cell phone content to select TVs in the hotel using AirPlay. The feature was announced by the company at the WWDC 2023 event. Overall, there was difficulty using the feature when traveling, as TVs were not always compatible or connectivity was the best.

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The feature will now allow iPhone users to scan a QR code on their hotel room TV to create an AirPlay connection, allowing them to stream videos, photos and music from their iPhone to the larger screen wirelessly. Google already offers a similar feature on some hotel TVs via Chromecast. This functionality is still limited, and depends on the hotel chain and customer location.

Features that were expected

There were expectations of the launch of some features that ended up not being included in the iOS update. There is a possibility that the weather app will soon get a little visual change. The change should add a raindrop effect to cards containing weather information when it rains where the user is located. The effect promises to deliver realistic details when checking weather updates in the Weather app on your iPhone.

iPhone users can update their devices to iOS 17.3 – Image: Mariana Saguias/TechTudo

Another expected new feature is an audible alert when liquid is detected. In addition to the visual alert, which is already present on Apple mobile phones, the device is expected to emit an audio signal that the iPhone charger port is wet. When the signal is emitted, the device stops charging and resumes only when the device input is completely dry. According to Apple, this feature is intended to prevent any possible damage to the device.

How to update iOS 17.3?

To download the new iOS 17.3 on your cell phone, simply access your iPhone Settings and then click on the “General” section. Select the “Software Update” option and then press “Download and Install.” Finish by entering your iPhone passcode to finish the job. The download and installation process for the new system will begin immediately.

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