Check out Saturday’s Mega-Sena 2380 results; The prize is 43 million Brazilian riyals

Posted 06/12/2021 7:53 PM / Updated 06/12/2021 8:36 PM

Will this weekend change your life by winning the lottery jackpot? – (credit: reproduction / youtube)

Caixa Econômica Federal, last Saturday night (12/6), drew six lotteries: 2,380 Mega-Sena contest; 5588 from kwena; 2234 for the Double Seine; 1649 from Timemania, 2254 from Lotofácil and 467 from Lucky Day. The lottery was held at Espaço Caixa Loterias, at the Tietê bus station, in São Paulo.

sina mega

Mega-Sena, which received an expected prize of 43 million R$, the following scores were drawn: 11-16-20-24-39-53.
The number of Mega-Sena winners and the split can be checked Here.

what or what

Quina received a prize of R$11.9 million, and the following numbers were drawn: 08-48-50-58-60.
Quina winners number and division can be checked Here.

So much easy

Lotofácil, who should hand out about 1.5 million R$ to whoever hits 15 scores, presented the following result: 02-03-06-07-08-10-12-13-14-19-20 -21-24-25.
Lotofácil winners number and division can be checked Here.

double sina

Dupla Sena drew the following numbers: 01-09-24-35-36-38 in the first draw; 07-12-16-19-32-48 in the second draw. The expected premium is R$4.9 million.
The number of Dupla Sena winners and division can be checked التحقق Here.

Team Mania

Timemania, with an expected prize of R$5.3 million, presented the following result: 11-17-19-21-37-66-69. The heart team is Corinthians, from Sao Paulo.
The number of Timemania winners can be checked and divided Here.

lucky day

With an estimated prize of R$200,000, the lucky day had the following result: 05-06-09-21-22-25-29. The month of luck is May.
The number of lucky day winners and pricing can be checked Here.

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