Check out our cell phone test

Check out our cell phone test

What I liked

Good technology screen: The Galaxy A15 5G's 6.5-inch display is average – the cell phone doesn't hide its humble origins by having generous borders between the screen and the edges of the device – but it brings some surprising features to the segment.

Starting with the build process, it uses a Super Amoled panel, the same one seen in more expensive mobile phones. The resolution is Full HD+ (1,080 x 2,340 pixels) and the refresh rate found in mid-range phones: 90 Hz, an indicator that measures the speed at which scenes are displayed (the higher, the better).

In practice, the brightness of the device is good, which makes it easy to use even in the sun, and it also works well when watching videos.

1-Day Battery: The Galaxy A15 5G uses a battery that has become “standard” among mids: with a capacity of 5000 mAh. This means that it has similar autonomy to other devices in this category, meaning that it gets through a day without being plugged in with some ease. It does not hurt to remember that autonomy is something that always depends on the type of use made of the device.

Specialized cameras: The Galaxy A15 5G camera array has three lenses on the back and can create decent photos. Much of the “blame” for this falls on post-processing, which is the processing the algorithm does of the images after they are captured. The result is images with balanced colors and a good level of detail.

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