Check out Olhar Digital News in full

Check out Olhar Digital News in full

These are some of the highlights in this Wednesday’s issue (4):

James Webb attempts to uncover the darkest secrets of the Orion Nebula

The James Webb Telescope continues to bring back stunning images from space. The latest is a group of about 150 flying objects in the Orion Nebula, with a mass similar to Jupiter.

Banking applications may be vulnerable to remote fraud

The Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection issued a report criticizing the ease with which scams can access someone’s bank account via a cell phone app. The entity found out whether banks Nubank, Bradesco, Itaú and Santander had barriers to reduce the chances of criminals succeeding in this type of action. To discuss the topic, we welcomed Adriano Galbiati, a cybersecurity specialist.

Look to tomorrow: What is the future of artificial intelligence?

a OpenAI Dramatically amplify work performance ChatGPT. It is no longer just a generative text production algorithm, but rather a multimedia algorithm. Our columnist Alvaro Machado Dias explained in detail what the future of this artificial intelligence will be like and everything we will be able to do with a few simple commands.

Butantan identifies the molecule capable of fighting superbugs

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned that the pace of research, production and marketing of new antibiotics may not be able to stop the spread of antibiotic-resistant germs. This is considered one of the world’s major public health challenges, and projections indicate that it will have a global economic impact worth US$100 trillion, or about R$500 trillion, by 2050. But the discovery by researchers at the Butantan Institute could help in the fight against these superbugs. .

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Britain bans the use of cell phones in schools

The British government has confirmed that it will ban the use of mobile phones in schools to “improve the behaviour” of students, including during breaks. The measure was officially announced by the UK Secretary of State for Education, Gillian Keegan.

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