Check out 5 unbeatable sympathies for the new year: love, peace, health and a lot of money in your pocket

Check out 5 unbeatable sympathies for the new year: love, peace, health and a lot of money in your pocket

a New Year’s Eve is a long-awaited moment for everyone, especially for those who like to do famous sympathies. Of course, we are always looking for, Sympathizes with love, peace, health and a lot of money. So, this Sunday, December 5, 2021, the portal Homemade tricks, will participate 5 unbeatable sympathies for the new year.

Sympathy made in the new year, that is, at the juncture, perfect for a new cycle to begin, and the promise that we will achieve our New Year’s goal. see then sUnbeatable impatience for love, health and a lot of money in your pocket.

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Watch 5 unbeatable sympathies for the new year

It is a tradition in Brazil that New Year’s people wear white clothes, To do this is the desire to attract good energy throughout the year. Now when these white people unite in New Year’s Eve, attracting good energy and hope to all, in addition to being perfect for love and peace.

Tradition also calls for new clothes, Including underwear, it is believed that if you wear it Old clothes Everything I went through that year into the new year. Therefore, avoid negative energy and invest in Fresh and white clothes To attract only good things.

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Keep an eye out for prepared foods, they are also part of the unbeatable sympathy for the New Year!

Eating grapes in the new year brings good luck and prosperitySo, tradition tells you to eat Twelve grapesEach one represents a month of the new year. That’s exactly at the end of the year. Pomegranate is another fruit that tradition requires, and that must be eaten Seven grains and keep the dry seeds in your wallet to attract cash. It is also recommended to attract lentils Prosperity, abundance and money.

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Champagne is the traditional round drink, it can be the famous sparkling wine or cider. Toast is a tradition that symbolizes the upcoming achievements and those obtained before. This is worth touching and savoring the refreshing cups to celebrate the New Year.

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