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a The WhatsApp Several new features are preparing to improve the experience of its users. According to the specialized website WABetaInfo, one of them is a resource to enable Voice messages can be registered I heard before sending. But this is just one of the features being tested, so check out the next step.

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At the moment, the tool is still under development for iOS and Android devices. In addition to proofreading, the messaging app should allow real-time inclusion of sound waveforms during audio recording.

Other news

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The second feature should primarily affect companies that use the customer service platform. a The WhatsApp He wants to make it possible to use the same account on up to four different devices, even when the cell phone is disconnected from the Internet.

The user will need to log into WhatsApp Web to access the account using the QR code, as is already the case today. The multi-device functionality is still in the testing phase with beta users of the app, but should soon reach the rest of the public.

In addition to these new features, the function of sending photos and videos can only be look at it once. The user using the resource can send media that will self-destruct after opening it or after a certain period of time.

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