Check Income Tax Deductions in 2022

Throughout the year, taxpayers need to stock up on bills and other receipts, from which they can get tax deductions. Income tax. That is, with proof of expenses, the taxpayer is able to pay lower taxes or even increase the amount of the refund.

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All of these coupons make a huge difference when an income tax is declared. Therefore, the first tip for a taxpayer is to have a great deal of control over all expenses and evidence.

Income tax deductions

In addition, when making an income tax return, the taxpayer needs to choose the form, whether it is a simplified or full declaration. This choice depends on the type of expenses that a person incurred throughout the year.

For example, the simplifier has a 20% discount on the basis of calculating the tax. The full option is more suitable for taxpayers who have more expenses. In the simplified version, the discount limit is R$16,754.34. If it exceeds this amount, a full return is most appropriate for the taxpayer.

Expenses that can be deducted are, for example, those related to health, alimony and in the case of dependents of the taxpayer.

In addition, deductions are also considered federal, state, or municipal donations. Thus, the amount will be deducted from the tax. The same is true for study expenses such as children’s school, college, graduate school, etc.

In case of full endorsement, there are some limits of deduction. For example, it is R$2,275.08 per dependent. It is unlimited for medical and health expenses.

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You must declare income tax for people whose income exceeded R$28,559.70 during the past year. In addition, you also need to declare those who have been exempt, non-taxable or exclusively taxable from source income, an amount greater than R$40 thousand.

After the income tax return is issued, the Federal Revenue Office analyzes each case to verify whether the taxpayer received a refund.

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