Change the oil at the dealership or lose the warranty?

Change the oil at the dealership or lose the warranty?

The issue of car warranties has always raised a lot of doubts among drivers, especially when it comes to maintenance and replacement. oil. What happens is that agents claim that this procedure should only be performed by them during inspections.

The problem is that many owners simply hate this requirement, as many of them already rely on the services of nearby mechanics and workshops. On the other hand, stores and even the car manufacturer rightly point out that the ideal solution is to use the viscosity recommended by those who assembled the car.

Therefore, a terrible question arises: who can guarantee that when the replacement is performed outside the recommended environment, the motor will receive the exact mark oil Recommended? Today we will discuss this topic a little more.

A dead end as slippery as oil itself

The situation described above is very common in several parts of the country. When the driver, who performs the replacement outside the dealership, is asked about the quality of the mixture he might use, many answer that they buy the product themselves and take it to the workshop for replacement.

The companies are still right, though. After all, it is not uncommon to find consumers who prefer to buy cheap brands in order to save money. Moreover, as the old saying goes, “Cheap can be expensive“, and a more accessible viscosity can damage engine components.

When this happens, the car owner generally has to pay a lot of money for repairs. So, instead of saving money, you'll end up spending more. In other words, the plan backfires.

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Finally, although a large portion of the public has consistently criticized the stance of manufacturers and dealers on this issue oilThey are right. Either use the correct mixture, or risk damaging your car and leaving it parked in the shop for a few days, causing financial and travel inconveniences.

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