Chai Suede’s mother surprises and blows up Myra Cardi’s controversial speech

Chai Suede’s mother, Herica Godoy, criticized Myra Cardi’s speech (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

HERICA Godoy, hopefull Swedish chai, swipe the line Myra Cardi Involve God and supposed discrimination based on the age of the coach. In the stories, the journalist published an excerpt from a reflection on the businesswoman and highlighted the case mentioned by Mayra.

Want a working example of what aging/altruism is? “Cosmopolitan’s mother, who later posted the influencer’s video.

In this video we have this girl who has 2 million followers [Cardi, na verdade, tem seis milhões de seguidores], being in vain, saying that God is perfect and takes away our vision in old age so that we do not grieve our hearts and do not see our flaws (wrinkles, falling face…)‘ Herica completed.

So as not to see her in her mind, Myra said: “God is perfect. As we age, we lose the quality of our vision. When we are children, we see in rich detail all the features and details of nature. After we have all the information about the beauty of nature and human beings, in our minds, as we get older, we see it blurry, with difficulty , a little less, proportional to what we need.”

“Beside losing a little of that view come wrinkles, blemishes, wrinkled skin, our histories and scars, our face recedes…we get older. God is so perfect that He doesn’t want to grieve our hearts, so He takes this abundance of details out of our vision so you don’t have to see all of it. your new flaws., Completed.

“God is so perfect that he does not want to grieve our hearts. So he takes this richness of detail from our vision, for example, so that you don’t have to see all your new flaws. After all, the suggestion is that you don’t see the flaws. The suggestion is yours to revise, from who knows, seeing your heart”The former BBB said.

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“Look how perfect God is! Look at how we play being a god and say ‘I’m going to fix the vision’, that human, that old man who lost his sight. But, if God does it like this – I’m talking about the natural process, obviously – then he comes Man and “repair.” Fix what? What did God do “wrong”?, Asked.

Myra Cardi
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